Finding Calm Amidst Chaos

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been in lock down and for everyone who has a roof above their heads and doesn’t have to worry about essentials or isn’t stranded in the middle of nowhere. Overwhelming can be both good and bad and sometimes too much good turns bad and too much bad turns bitter.

Of course, you’re working from home/ studying from home and days do pass by eventually and we’ve been doing this for quite some time now but we still have a long way to go until we resume our routine completely. Till then, we need to keep ourselves sane enough to get through the day because it’s getting harder by the minute, not because you’re bored, not because you miss going out and chilling with your friends but because you’ve never spent so much time with yourself and your family outright with nowhere else to go.

 The pandemic is the only news the whole world is focusing on right now and this is all everyone is talking about and we like to keep ourselves updated but sometimes it just leaves us uneasy for we don’t know where this is going to lead and we hate being in a continuous state of uncertainty and despair.

All of this does really take a toll on ones mental health if the situation prevails for a reasonably long time.

Alright, never mind, what you’ve been doing or what you think you should be doing. Here are a few unconventional approaches to make peace with yourself and make this quarantine a lot more rewarding than it already is:

  1. Introduce you to you. Have you spoken to yourself lately? Try to understand yourself in ways you never thought you could and figure out why you feel the way you feel about certain people; ideologies; mindsets and about your own self ? Most importantly, do you do what you do to please yourself or is it just another imbecile excuse to fit in? And if the answer to any of these is apart from what you usually do, then it’s time to bring all the inconveniences to an end and find out what exactly truly do you want, and stand up for yourself no matter how petty it is.
  2. Indulge in self care and take a day off ( Seriously, this is a once in a life time opportunity to use those essential oils you bought ages ago, try that face pack your grandparents always asked you to, give your muscles a stretch, get a champi and yeah, amidst a so called vacation, take a break to be with yourself, shut off your phone, take your eyes off the screen, try green tea, make a poster for your room maybe, listen to that age old tape recorder hidden away in your closet, don’t watch the news if it disturbs you, do only what pleases you, be selfish when it comes to mental peace.)
  3. Actually watch more sunsets ( Generally by the time our everyday hustle comes to an end, the sun is already down; get on the terrace today and every day, listen to the birds chirping, watch the sky change colours, witness a simple earth routine for once. This is basically the earth redeeming, all those times you missed something you wanted to do, with plain beautiful sunsets.)
  4. Meditate ( It can be anything, someone recently told me that their form of meditation is indulging in suryanamaskar, for you it could be dancing on EDM’s and for all anyone cares about, do what you love doing. Start feeding your soul)

These are challenging times and whist the world is fighting wars, we all are being forced to isolate ourselves and maintain social distancing. This social pre-requisites has indirectly embarked itself a new norm of social routines and day-to-day life among us. We start buying things and food online instead of commuting to grocery stores. Schools and colleges start to have online class or lectures. Most businesses start to have online conference meetings in order to keep business moving and surviving…. and so on.

Amidst these chaotic times, new jobs and opportunities start to emerge, such as, e-commerce stores, delivery and logistic services, online conference/meeting services, gaming software, etc.

Lastly, when all this ends, or it may not totally end at all, you deserve to prioritize your needs and you deserve to feel absolutely content with who you are. Whether you like it or not, we are all ‘duty bound’ to continue living in a new norm of life.

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