• Recommended 20 happy habits

    July 20, 2019 by

    1. Be grateful. 要学会感恩。 Slow down, look around you, and pay attention to the little details in your life – the delicate purple flower on the sidewalk, the beautiful sunset, the hot shower that washes away your long day, and the smile in your partner’s eyes… 让自己变慢脚步,看看你的四周,关注生活中的细微之处:人行道上淡紫色的花,美丽的日落,洗去你一天疲惫的淋浴,伴侣眼中的笑容。 When you have a grateful heart that is appreciative of life’s beautify, wonder and blessings, you’re automatically filled… Read more Continue reading Recommended 20 happy habits

  • What about Blogging?

    September 21, 2019 by

    People are regularly asking about blogs so I thought I’d share some of our  thoughts  with you. There’s no doubt blogging can be an awesome way to get more traffic  to your website. No doubt whatsoever so no, blogs are not dead. The good news is that setting up a Blog for your website is surprisingly easy but there are a few caveats and things you… Read more Continue reading What about Blogging?

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